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How on earth did I pull this one off? I DID IT!!


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I'll start by saying that I have the stick-to-it-iveness of someone with a very, very short attention span. I rarely finish 2 or 3 days of a healthy eating plan, much less 30 days. My regular diet is pretty good and I cook a lot at home. Because I live in China, most things I make are from scratch, simply because I don't have access to prepared foods (or even frozen veggies). I tended to have a bit too much in the way of grains, dairy, wine though. A regular part of our meals was the wok tortilla I'd perfected over the years (seriously, they're lovely) and a nice cold micro brew beer and maybe a piece of cheese. And then there was the social life factor... it all revolves around food and drink here.

I'd eat healthier-- as in, more veggies, no sugar, no processed foods-- but couldn't get past that tortilla-beer-cheese-socializing hump.

But I did it! And, my god, it was quite a month! I went through two cases of soda water and a cupboard full of tuna. Never ate so many eggs in my life!

It was often emotionally draining, as I was starting up a new job and the learning curve was steep and I felt pretty vulnerable and raw without the softening effect of carbs. Now that I'm done, I think I'll keep it up during the week but allow myself a few favourites at the weekend- a glass of wine maybe, or a piece of cheese. I'll see how it feels.

End result? Well, I seem to have lost 8kg, or about 20lbs-- which sounds like a lot but I think a lot of it was water weight as the majority came off in the first week. I think it just couldn't wait to be out of me. I'm back to where I was about 5 years ago, at a weight I'd been for most of my adult life until I took my first ever desk job. That one year changed everything, and even though I left that job in 2008, the weight I gained in that short time (10 kg!!!!) refused to go away. Well, now it has.

Also: I can practically DASH up the many, many flights of stairs in the metro stations now, actually beating those crowded on the escalator to the top! I wasn't even training and my muscle tone and stamina improved!

I haven't taken my measurements yet but I know I'm down a few inches as my tight jeans are now loose. It's great. This is great. I'm so glad I stuck with it through the rough bits.

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