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Day 2 and feelings are better. Was very emotional yesterday. Then my partner came home and cooked eggs and toast. The toast smell was so tempting. But I'd already had my compliant dinner and was full. I also taught a two hour tai chi class and allowed a snack of pistachios in the shell and some green grapes. Just a handful of each. My skin is itchy all over but otherwise I'm feeling up and ready. I made my frittata again this morning and added a sliver of avocado on the side -- delish.

So I realized other's have put their stats here so I will do the same. I have a lot of inflammation and weight gain after being diagnosed with Hypothyroid in 2013. Over fifty pounds gained in 3 years. Yes, my doctor says my medication is working, so it's all me and I noticed after my mother died in 2014 that I eat more ravenously than before, like I cannot get enough. So I'm here trying to see if I can bring my body and mind back into balance with Whole30.

Height is 5'6"

Age: Just turned 60!

Weight: 225 lbs as of 7/4/17 [the night before I began the program -- no weighing for the next 30 days!]

Waist: 42 inches, Hips 51, Bust 42

Thighs: 27 and Neck: 16

Upper arms: 15 inches.

Long way to go Whole30!



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