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I did it! First Whole 30


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This weekend I wrapped up my first whole 30!

Overall, I'd say it was definitely a good experience. Even though I had been adhering to a Paleo diet on and off since January of 2012, I realized that never in my life had I taken on the amount of restrictions as I did with this venture. Maybe "restrictions" isn't the best word, because it was more of a feeling of purity. I'd never been quite this good to myself before!

During non-Whole30 Paleo times, I continued to drink alcohol and although I occasionally longed for a margarita, I realized I really didn't miss it much at all! I haven't indulged in a drink yet even though I thought that would be the first thing I'd do. No plans to at this point but I'm not saying I can't when the mood strikes.

I have an Autoimmune disease--Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I just did some blood work at the Doctor's on Friday. Not sure if there is any real room for improvement there---I have the disease, it's under control but I don't think it can be reversed at the stage I'm at...I do hope to maximize the medication I have to take to bring my levels up to snuff. I'm still trying to figure that all out...I will update on that later. I think some with thyroid issues have problems with the vlc stuff so I'm working my way through that as well. Not sure if I have the right protein/carb/fat combo yet.

Here are my most tangible stats:

Beginning Weight-I'm a 5'1 female btw-127

Ending Weight-122

Not a huge change but who cares about stupid scale numbers...I've been doing a lot of weights in the gym too so I'm quite happy with this. Getting my BF tested next week as my focus is on improving my body comp. Will update later.

Here are my measurements, which indicate to me that I had a good fat loss:










Thigh (I always struggle to lose here so I was stoked to see this)



Upper Arm-(same story here)



forgot to measure Chest...but I don't pay much attention to it. If I get smaller, so do my boobs...*sigh*

Overall, that's a loss of over 6 inches. :) Going to take progress pics after this week. Bloated from "womanly issues"...Sorry if that's TMI.

Other things I noticed/experienced:

My fingernails are growing ridiculously fast and they are really strong

I wake up more easily

Clothes fit better

Faster recovery after workouts

If you have seen any of my other forum posts, you may know that I have been struggling with energy levels. Never quite got to the point where I felt the magical, boundless energy many speak of. I'm going to continue to make tweaks in pursuit of that. I also have had what feels like two weeks of PMS and with the help of the forum have concluded that this is likely just a period of balancing out. Hanging in there for improvement on this front as well.

I'd say the biggest reward I got from doing this was psychological.

I really was able to get a hold of my sugar demons and see that cravings are pretty much identical to a mirage----those gummy worms may look like an oasis in the middle of a grain-free desert, but once you reach them they're "ok" at best...At least for me. I did indulge when I finished and still have the stomach ache to prove it...

My appetite regulated. I'm good at stopping when satisfied.

I have become a much better cook and look forward to eating my own food. In fact, I DREAD restaurant food. That may have been a bit of a negative, some social anxiety...but I found ways to deal.

I may be addicted to Well Fed's Carmalized Coconut Chips but I'm totally ok with that.

I take more pride in my appearance. I'm a relatively low maintenance girl but I was happy to see myself doing more girly things like fixing my hair or painting my nails...It's an obvious boost in self-esteem.

I am listening to my body more. In the past, I've pushed too hard in the gym while cutting calories and this time I allowed myself to skip a workout if I didn't have the energy and really twisted my mind away from a "Lose weight to get healthy" mindset. I do have fat to lose but I realize that I can and should get there by just being the best I can to this little body of mine. I'm pushing but not starving.

I didn't post photos but will look at that when I get my after pics taken in a few days.

Well, that's my rambling post about my results. Hope everyone else is enjoying themselves and learning all that I have AND more!


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I think the first week is the hardest with cravings, Mallory.

I did have moments where I really wanted to eat pizza, but then I ate a paleo "Meatza" from the Well Fed Cookbook of Whole 30 approved recipes.

I also missed booze and sweets on more than a few occasions but as I mentioned in my first post, the cravings past and the stomach ache aftermath really wasn't worth the goodie for me.

Hang in there---it will go faster than you think!

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Juni -

That's fantastic! I mean really! You learned so much about yourself and your habits, and you mastered a few new skills. I'm excited to hear more of the updates, as I'm sure there will be improvement across the board.

PS: We are exactly the same size ;0) Down to the measurements. Well, you've got an inch on me in height but I think I've got one on you in the thighs (thanks to my love of deadlifting).

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Yay for you! I just recently caved on day 27 twenty-seven(!!!) of my w30 and it was totally not worth it. What is worth it? Like you, I feel like I'm getting a healthier mindset back.


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Thanks Everyone :)

Pink Elephant-You got this! I feel like the time really sped up once I reached the halfway point.

Danago-What IS worth it? I don't know really...I couldn't believe what a stomach ache I had after a few bites of ice cream...Guess I know that I can give up on dairy..*sigh* I am sure there will be a day when I just REEEEAAALLLY want a treat and it will taste insanely good. For now though, I'm just enjoying moving closer and closer to a healthier me.

Robin-that's so crazy about the measurements! You're my Paleo Twin! :) I got some sweet potatoes this weekend to try getting closer to the carb range you said you like and I DO feel better. I think my balancing act is finally leveling out because I've felt so much better this week and had a power workout last night at the gym. I felt like Superwoman and did 290 lbs on the Leg Press. The guy who was using the machine before me had it on 270, which I initially lowered and then realized it was way too light...Am I evil for secretly hoping he walked back to see that the pint sized girl had "out pressed" him?

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The guy who was using the machine before me had it on 270, which I initially lowered and then realized it was way too light...Am I evil for secretly hoping he walked back to see that the pint sized girl had "out pressed" him?

Oh I would have invented some ruse just to get him over there! Well done to you, a pint sized powerhouse!

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Hahaha! There's nothing wrong with that! I feel it too... I kind of like knowing that the lifts I do are a higher % of my bodyweight (or over, in some cases) than they are for some of the other girls in the gym. Just like I take a little pride in buying my workout clothes in the kids' section.

290 lbs?! That's awesome! Way to go, friend!

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