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Round 3 (Round 1 for hubby)--Weee!


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Hello Whole30 land. I started my third round on July 3 and I've never joined the online community before! My husband is also joining 100% with me this time through. He's always eaten what I've cooked at home, mostly breakfasts and some dinners, but I'm so glad to have him fully on board with this go-round. I think the hardest thing for him will be the elimination of alcohol. He's a beer guy, brews his own at home, and to him drinking is a social activity. I have more of a take-it-or-leave-it relationship with alcohol (a side effect of an alcoholic parent) so ditching the booze has always been one of the easiest shifts for me. 

I did my first round about a year ago and my second in January/February. My second round was terrible. I wanted to quit every day, but I didn't. My step-dad's health was majorly failing during that round and my family was in crisis. His passing occurred just a few days after that round was completed. I did not do a healthy reintroduction and since then my eating habits have been out of control. I gained over 20 lbs (gasp) and thought nothing of the junk food I was consuming daily. The sugar detox headaches I'm currently experiencing are my penance for the error of my ways. 

So far this third round has been going great. I'm settling into my routine of meal planning and batch cooking, when I can. I took the hubby grocery shopping with me a few days ago and found him reading a lunch meat label, he looked at me and said, "why is there sugar in everything?!" That made me smile. 

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