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Suggestions For Distractions?


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Hi there. This will be my 3rd round of Whole30. I read FFF and tried to implement it in terms of only eating "worth it" foods,  but what I'm finding is that a lot of the foods I eat are worth it and this has lead to sabotage! I almost liked it better when I just stuck to the Whole30 and there was no question of is this worth it or not.  My problem is that everything tastes good to me! A lot of the foods I love are worth it!  I'm resetting again cause I've been finding myself to have low energy levels, sleepy after meals, and just overall not happy with my eating habits.  I miss those days of "tiger blood" and when I was so motivated to work out. My main challenge right now is eating dried mangoes or snacking on nuts when I'm bored. Yeah they're compliant but they're also those no brakes kinda foods from me and I eat half the bag.  Does anyone have any tips on how to distract oneself during those bouts of cravings?  I know I'm not really hungry cause I'd eat a real meal if I was. I know for sure it's just due to boredom. Someone online suggested going outside for a run, cleaning your nails, or even brushing your teeth and drinking water which I thought were good suggestions. Just trying to see if there are other ideas out there...

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Okay so first, lets try and reframe 'worth it'.  It doesn't necessarily mean 'does it taste good'.  Is it worth how you're going to feel after?  Is it worth potentially low energy the next day?  A poor sleep tonight?  A mild gut ache?  A headache you can't shake for two days... Those are the types of things you want to consider when considering 'worth it' (as well as if it tastes good because if it doesn't taste good, what is the point!).

Is eating a half a bag of mangoes worth it? Do those mangoes exist every minute of every day or are they something you can only get for two weeks in the summer?  Do they make you more healthy?  Is there something else you can do when you're bored that doesn't involve hand to mouth snacking?

And now to answer your question :)  Journalling, calling a friend, gardening, vacuum, sweep, clean out the junk drawer, read a book, take a bath, go for a walk, color, research your next trip/kitchen gadget/purse, have a living room dance party, give yourself a pedicure, a manicure, write out a new recipe you want to share with a friend, do a load of laundry, organize your closet from light to dark... basically anything... it's often better to do something intentional tho, which is why these short term high reward activities are good... how about for your next craving/boredom eating, you write out a list of all the nice things you could do for yourself and your spirit, home etc... and then the next next time, pick something on the list :)

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You are not trapped. You have the keys to the Food Prison.

The Food Prison can be more comforting than Food Freedom Forever.  Food inflexibility is a self-imposed prison.

Weaning ourselves away from the daily scale addiction allows us to focus on the more important business of living a meaningful and flexible life.

I have a food addiction so I no longer think of food rewards as my so worth it moments. I don't reward myself with food.

I don't distract myself but actually replaced old food addiction habits with new ones. They are a constant source of new comfort for me. Food rewards didn't bring me comfort or joy.

Intuitive eating doesn't work for me. My body cues were so messed up. Like you, everything could be so worth it, all the time, every day.

Our mileage will always vary. Try carving out some new habits to replace the old ones and alleviate boredom.



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