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MELODY's Whole30 Log.

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I should have started this on Day 1 which was November 1, 2012 but oh well!

Day 1

Felt like I had more energy and was clear headed.

Took before pictures and weighed myself.

Day 2

I am doing the WHOLE30 -Autoimmune Protocol- eating plan.

I have Autoimmune Thyroditis [Hashimoto Thyroiditis], Vitilago, and one Psoriasis patch.

I think the hardest part for me will be giving up NSAIDs because I have pain issues.

I have a uterine fibroid, mid cycle pain and bad menstrual cramps.

I will try Tylenol instead.

I am thinking that these many years of taking high doses of NSAIDs have caused a leaky gut in the first place

therefore causing me to develope autoimmune conditions?

I hope that this plan will help with the pain, maybe it is caused by sytemic inflammation?

I am also Estrogen dominant and am on bioidentical progesterone cream.

Anyone else doing the autoimmune protocol with these same issues?

I took my before pictures yesterday and weighed myself, then put away the scale for the month.

For supper last night:

I had ground free range chicken fried in olive oil with chopped onion and garlic, added half a head of raw cauliflower cut in small pieces, one small can of drained black olives, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, sea salt, fennel, also added some coconut aminos.

Cooked till cauliflower was tender. I had a small bowl of raw raspberries and blackberries, for a beverage I had carbonated mineral water with a twist of fresh lemon. I sure am going to miss cayanne pepper, curry, tomatoes, mayonaise, eggs...

I have decided to decline any invitations to go out for meals and will cook all of my own food.

I had a bit of a headache in the evening.

Day 3

Early morning had a really bad headache and vomited.

Noticed a small dry patch under my left eye.

Took tylenol for my headache.

Day 4

Early morning headache that went away by noon.

Feel less fat!

Had mid-cycle pain on lower right side kept waking my up during the night.

Tried Kombucha and had half of a banana, maybe caused some bloating and gas?

Day 5

Felt pretty good today.

Took a Tylenol before bed last night to reduce the mid-cycle pain, worked for awhile.

I had black coffee, chicken thigh, avocado, lemon juice, raw carrot, spagetti squash, fried hamburger hash, roasted vegetables with olive oil [carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, garlic, cauliflower, salt pepper], club soda, tea.

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Kombucha can be disturbing to your system for a few days. I had loose stools for 2 days and then everything returned to normal.

It is impossible to assess your food intake by your reports. If you want feedback on what you are eating, please list what you are eating at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and any snacks. We need an idea of quantities consumed so I can tell you you probably need to eat more. :)

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