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Food Freedom, discovering my ideal life


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Daniella Whole30 reintroduction schedule plan

Although I plan on testing food groups, I am going to begin by testing one category of food in each group. The items  will determine if I have a sensitivity to the food group. If I respond well to the individual food I will add additional days with other foods within the category. I am doing this because I have known sensitivities to individual foods within groups and feel many foods deserve their own chance to test. 

Day 1: On plan 

Day 2: Drink 2 glasses of red wine in the hot tub to celebrate a job well done! That and drink a mountain of water so I can tell how the alcohol effects me vs the dehydration. 

Day 3-4: On plan

Day 5: Reintroduce dairy in the form of cheddar cheese on my breakfast omelette, feta cheese with lunch and whatever cheese plate the mother in law is passing out just after dinner.  

Day 6-9: On plan

Day 10:Reintroduce beans, refried with breakfast, black bean soup for lunch and a side of borraccho beans with my fajitas for dinner. As a hispanic woman I am thrilled for this day.

Day 11-12: On plan

Day 13: Evaluate non gluten grains, attempt a corn tortilla with my juevos rancheros for breakfast, tortilla chips with lunch and pulled pork tacos on corn tortillas for dinner. 

Day 14-15: On plan

Day 16: Evaluate gluten containing grains, croissant with eggs for breakfast, whole wheat toast with soup for lunch and whole grain roll with dinner.


Additional days may be added if any of these foods do not create a major reaction. 

Additional items which will be attempted if OK are:

  • Yogurt, hard cheese day, soft cheese day, cream sauces, ice cream.
  • Rice, corn, lentils, quinoa, peanut butter, soy and oats. 
  • Pasta. 

I have another month set aside if needed for reintroduction so hopefully I get this right. 


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Results and Intentions:

Today is day 31 of my first successful whole 30. I am not going off plan today only because for day 1 reintroduction I would love a glass of wine and my fiance will not be available to have a drink with me until tomorrow, therefore it will not be worth it until then. I did not experience traditional tiger blood, however I have significantly altered my relationship with food and my body. I have increased my knowledge of diet and its effects on my body, as well as increasing my desire to gain more knowledge and continue tweaking my diet.  I lost 10 pounds, which for someone of my size is very significant. I still am experiencing hives regularly, however this ruled out most food items so I will continue on my search for other irritants, which I count as a victory. Areas for improvement include the fact my skin is still mildly broken out, my energy level never skyrocketed, I still feel the desire for less ideal foods and I still require practice in consuming an appropriate quantity of vegetables. One of the best things this program has given me however, is the overlapping. As my diet improves, I want to work out more frequently, I meditate more frequently, I stretch more, I journal and overall improve the way I treat myself. Since these changes in habits occurred over the course of my Whole30, many have not been in place long enough to inspire change and I understand the areas I did not succeed. My plan is to take this energy and dedicate it to these healthy habits as I conduct my reintroduction and once I find a good time, complete a whole 14 with these changes in place. 

Day one post whole 30 I am starting my journey to discovering my ideal diet and in part lifestyle. 

Ps. I am a 22 year old female, who while not overweight had gained 35 lbs on a very small frame in the past 4 years. This weight loss was only possible since the magic that comes with being 22 and having a fairly significant amount of fat gain recently. Do not expect to lose this much weight, it is unreasonable and a fluke.

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Day 31 went very well. My fiance surprised me and came home early. This means I was able to introduce red wine last night. It was insanely sweet compared to last month. I woke up this morning with a headache, not the worst I've ever had but 100% related to the wine. Next time I will drink twice as much water and see if that helps but wine is clearly not an every day food. Also, I  was not mindful about how I was feeling while I was drinking and became more intoxicated than I've been on years off of 1.5 glasses of wine. Oops.


On whole 30 days of reintroduction can I still relax on sugar? I really want bacon 

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I'm so super impressed with your reintro plan and how intentional you're being with it and with the process! Also with how you recognized those "overlaps" as you call them. Maybe you didn't get energy blood but you got self-care "fill up the well" energy. Exercise, journaling, mindfulness -- to want to and being able to do more of those powerful self-care tools is such a gift! 

Your posts are inspiring, thanks for taking the time! 

What you do about bacon I don't know, but I will say that I just discovered that "low sodium" bacon is also often no sugar bacon. Just FYI! 

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Thank you for your kind words. I will try to look at low sodium bacon, I gave it up looking during my Whole 30 and have been very tempted recently.

Day 32 and 33 were great days, I continued to follow my Whole30 style eating and have incorporated a leafy green salad daily. While the weather is hot and salad is this refreshing, I do not see a reason not to enjoy the extra hit of vegetables. Additionally, the extra veggies move me closer to what I think will be my ideal diet. Still on template, but low end for meats, moderate for fat and upper end of vegetables. Fingers crossed it helps me see positive results with my next Whole something. 

Lastly, with a little outside help, it came to my attention I did not document all of my Whole30 non-scale victories. The "fill the well energy" is amazing, I have had incredible follow through with self-care recently. Whole30 gave me permission to prioritize myself, I no longer feel guilt for building myself up as a person. Another victory I never thought to include is  my new favorite foods. I love raw sliced tomato, and have found a new place in my heart for coconut milk curries, eggplant, and cauliflower rice. I would have never eaten these veggies on my old diet and I now have new loves that contribute my health. 

Hoping to write out my (current) self care routine soon, so i have a record and can watch its evolution. 

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