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First Whole30 July 17th

Dani Chris

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Hello all,

I wanted to take a second and introduce myself. I am starting my first Whole 30 on July 17th. My reasons for doing this are to address digestive issues, low energy and to learn how certain foods affect my body. I just recently turned 40 and over the previous 16 months noticed a significant decrease in my energy level, despite making no changes in my diet or exercise routine.  I feel that on paper have a pretty healthy lifestyle: I eat well, I exercise. However, I still struggle with sleep issues, chronic GI issues, and poor energy. Thus, I'm hoping that learning more about how certain foods affect my body and my energy level will be helpful.

One of my biggest worries about doing this is my inner rebel--I don't really eat "junk food" but I also have a no-restrictions, everything in moderation attitude towards food. However, I know that when I'm told I can't have something there is this little devil inside of me that suddenly wants it. I'm worried I am going to start craving foods I don't even like and never eat.  Did anyone else experience this? How did you manage it? I'm also worried about unintentionally eating something that is not approved out of habit and having to start over. How have others handled this?

In addition to the questions above I would love to hear from other who have experienced similar health issues and your results from doing the Whole 30. Thank you all! I am excited and nervous :)


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