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Chipotle? Qdoba? Is anywhere compliant?


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So, just when I got excited with the idea of being able to eat Qdoba or Chipotle (sans rice, cheese, beans) I am let down. I looked both of them up to see "allergen info" and its so nice that both companies show if gluten/soy/milk/eggs/nuts are ingredients in any of their foods (as well as a breakdown of which for what food)

Chicken, steak, even the gosh darn veggies all contain soybean oil! The only safe thing, Whole30 compliant, is the lettuce and the guacamole (which I haven't gotten adventurous enough to try, but was planning if I ate at either of these places).

All I wanted was meat, veggies, peppers, cilantro, salsa and lettuce (and maybe the guacamole!) :(

So I guess my questions are:

First, does anyone know if this amount of soybean oil is enough to cause me to go off track?

I don't want to be noncompliant, so I guess any amount equals noncompliant. But geez. I can't imagine that the chicken is cooking in cups or even tablespoons full of it.

And second, if I need to steer clear of these places, does anyone know a good place to go and still be compliant? How do we know if certain things are cooked in certain oils?

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It will make you happy to know that you can actually go out to Chipotle with friends, and socialize, and not face any funny looks by saying "nope, can't go, they have nothing I can eat there." :) Seriously, it allowed me to attend a team lunch instead of missing out.

A carnitas bowl with lettuce, mild salsa and guac was actually really good!

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