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Day 7 and 8: Low Appetite, GI issues

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Hi there,

Doing pretty good until day 7 and day 8 except still am not sleeping more than 4 to 5 hours per night [grrrrr]. Two BM's were 'urgent' and the 'runs.' Had some slight nausea and discomfort in stomach and a little cramping. I thought I might have to go home from work yesterday. Low appetite as well. I may have picked up a stomach bug, but it could be detoxing so I thought I'd add what I ate for review:

Day 7:

Work emergency call early morning so only had time for a banana and a handful of almonds for Breakfast. [Felt fine then suddenly had to rush to the bathroom one hour later.]

Lunch: salad greens from work with tuna, hard-boiled egg, olives, roasted red peppers, left-over steamed green beans, other veggies, oil and red wine vinegar for dressing. Small container of unsweetened applesauce. [Mouth and lips felt burned by the red wine vinegar - won't do that again. Bathroom rush 2 hours later.]

Dinner: Two small pork loin in olive oil with onions and garlic and salt and pepper, one half roasted sweet potato, zucchini steamed. Small bowel of fresh cherries. [Drank lots of water and no other issues, except cranky belly.]

Day 8: One half of three egg omelet with left over baked white potato and tomato and scallion in olive oil; one ring of pineapple.

Lunch: Left over pork loin with onions on top of salad greens from work with veggies and olives and 1/4 avocado from home. Oil and Balsamic vinegar for dressing.

Dinner will be the other half of the omelet with one approved chicken sausage, steamed green beans and one small container of unsweetened applesauce.

I know I'm under eating somewhat, but I'm making myself eat since yesterday. Please let me know what you suggest. Thx.


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If you weren't feeling an upset stomach, would you be eating more? 

I don't see anything that stands out as far as why you would be having bathroom problems. Are you eating a lot more of something that you previously didn't? How is Whole30 different from your normal intake?

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Thanks Lady for replying. I ate a lot of dairy and bread and otherwise the same food, meat, potatoes and vegetables and oh, sugar. In between meals, after dinner. Way too much sugar. I'm still feeling low energy and a little icky inside, but got dinner in and so far so good. Maybe it's just a bug. I do work at a hospital. :)

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