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Mama Mia Senorita Log

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This is my first log on my first three days of Whole30. I will continue to try and keep the same log going for anyone who wants to follow. I usually post at lunch, so I will update dinner the following day. I will call out my "nursing notes" for those who want to read them or really want to skip them. 

Day 1:

I made a spinach smoothie with bananas and black berries for breakfast. I did not use a recipe. I was not as tasty as the ones I used to make with yogurt and peanut butter, but it was not bad. I still regretted this choice. Although I felt full after consuming the drink, it lacked solid protein and did not get through to lunch. Note to self: If I use a smoothie for veggies and fruit - also make and egg. Lunch was baked chicken breast with salad with an approved homemade dressing. Dinner was not so good. My husband is supporting me a took it upon himself to cook me up some turkey burgers since I worked late. He used way too much salt. 

I missed cheese. I wanted cheese on everything. I saw this a sign that I was probably eating way too much cheese.

The hardest part of my day was not picking off my toddlers snacks. I foresee this being a huge temptation everyday. 

I continued with my workout which was a 1.5 mile run. It went fine.

Nursing Note: Milk supply was normal.

Day 2:

Had scrabbled eggs with homemade salsa for breakfast. Much better. I was satisfied until lunch. I had the same thing for lunch as I had the previous day. This doesn't bother me. Quicker is better. I had always cooked in bigger batches so that I have portions for lunch, but now my leftovers aren't homemade-heavy cream laden mac and cheese.

I am more tired today, but it is hard to say if it is the product of my children (mom of two under two) who both did not sleep last night or my diet. I am wondering if I will even notice the fatigue. Seems like I am always tired. What I am saying is that I am tired, but not more than usual since my 9 month old doesn't sleep through the night. 

I was not anymore sore from my run than usual. I walked 1.5 miles this day.

I had steak, broccoli salad (same mix. I just steamed it), and oven baked butternut squash for dinner. It was awesome. I cooked it, so it was better. Bless my husband for trying yesterday, I do love his support.

Nursing Note: I did notice a small dip in supply this day, and I was feeling light headed. I read some of the other notes from the breastfeeding forum, and decided I was definitely not consuming enough or drinking enough for my activity level and breastfeeding.  I do want to note that my little one is going through a "distracted phase", and I have introduced solid food as he is 8 months, so I am expecting a decline at this point anyway. I also chose to wait until solid food was introduced to start this, so that if I needed to adjust to keep up milk supply the kiddo would not be hungry. I also picked up some formula just in case. I also nurse at night and pump while at work. I have noticed occasional low days outside of Whole30 when I am stressed or have a rough night. Whether it was the Whole30 diet or the fact that both my kids did not sleep the night before I do not know. I would have adjusted my food intake for the following few days to bring the supply back up regardless of being on Whole30. 

Since I pumped less than usual as I explained I made sure to hit the grocery store on my way home for some sweet potatoes, almonds, and an emergency water bottle. Baby did not seem frustrated during night time nursing, so I must have been on the road to recovery after making sure to have butternut squash for dinner. 

Day 3:

Had scrambled eggs with  spinach and salsa and some fruit for breakfast. I also had a glass of water. Like I said trying to boost that supply back up. I made a few other adjustments today, and they seem to have worked. 

Breakfast time was tough. I did not even realize I was snagging a cheerio from my toddler, but my supportive hubby caught me. Good man. It really did not even occur to me. I did not even think about it. Then my good man made me coffee in the french press, and iced it for me. Then unthinkingly I dumped whole milk in it instead of a splash of almond milk. Ugh!! I tossed the coffee he made me. So sad, but these highlight the exact reasons I am doing Whole30. I have picked up some bad habits that are adding up to useless calories and carbs preventing me from reaching my personal goals.   

For lunch, I packed two lunches for work today because four meals are recommended for nursing mommas. I ate lunch #1 with is left over steak and salad with homemade dressing, and a plum. I added a handful of baby carrots as my starchy veg. which is also recommended for nursing moms. After lunch #1, I was unsure if I would be able to eat lunch #2, which is tuna, the left over butter nut squash, and more salad. (Don't judge my salads. They are fast and easy. Repetition doesn't bother me, but I do vary the veggies in my salad every day.) I decided to eat as much as I could and then just save the rest for lunch #2 tomorrow. Oh, I also had giant glass of water with both. 

Nursing Note: Milk supply was a little lower than usual, but definitely on the up. I also got more sleep last night than I have in couple of weeks. For me, I have noticed that if I have a period of low supply due to illness, stress, lack of sleep, ect. it usually takes a twice the low period for me to fully recover my supply. The increased supply is  Like I mentioned in Day 2's Nursing Note. I did make preparations in case of a few low days while I figured out how much and at what quantities I need to support us both, but so far they have not been necessary. 




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All righty, I finished day three with a great dinner of pork chops, sweet potato latkes, and salad. Again the hardest part of my day was while I was fixing dinner. I normally snack on carbs with my toddler, but I made it.

I missed my exercise due to sick kiddo.

Day 4

 I love breakfast it's my favorite meal. I had an omlet with spinache, mushrooms, and tomatos and a side of fruit. 

For lunch number one, I had left over latkes, snap peas, and left over pork chop. Lunch number two was a business lunch at a local place. Since it was a spur of the moment thing that cannot be avoided, there was not much prep. I ordered grilled chicken an two sides of steamed broccoli. Since I could not do the research or prep reccomended in the book, I did the best I could. 

Dinner was left over steak and asperigus. It was good. The hubby made it.

Over all, I feel fantastic. I have not gotten light headed since adding a second small lunch and upping starchy carbs to keep up breastfeeding and exercising. I am drinking more water too. The time line says I can expect to feel icky and cranky in the first week. I am still waiting on this. How tired I am seems more dependent on how my baby sleeps the night before than my food. Could be that parents of infants and small children are just used to opporating on "low batteries". Truthfully, I feel like I have more energy. 

My cheese craving is gone, but I still crave processed carbs like crazy. I mentioned this before, but I am really noticing how many extra processes carbs I mindlessly snacked on.

Oh, I also miss wine. I live in wine country. It's weird to go on business meetings or social gatherings at wineries and skipping it. Some days I like having a glass on my patio for some hard to come by "me time". I never had more than one glass a day, so I was never a big drinker, but I miss that particular treat.

Nursing Note: Production was about the same as yesterday. Nothing really to report. From what I read in the nursing specific formum most moms experience a big dip around Day 10, so we will see

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Day 5:

Had a smoothy for breakfast. It had more staying power than the last one. It was spinach, carrots, banana, almond milk, and a had full of almonds. I have vitamix blender, it had no problem with the almonds.

Again, I had two small lunches. Tuna salad with the whole30 mayo and fruit for lunch one, and leftover steak and a spinach mix salad with carrots and cabbage.

Dinner was my favorite meal since starting Whole30. I had roasted spaghetti squash with the Whole30 roasted red pepper sauce and intalian turkey meat balls.

Nursing Note: Everything is normal.

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I have some catching up to do after the weekend. I completed my first week!! Hurray!

Day 6:

For breakfast I had a veggie loaded omelet with homemade salsa on top and some fruit. It was really yummy.  

My lunches were a salad and some left over steak and then the left over spaghetti squash and meat balls. I like the two smaller lunches over one big one. I feel more satisfied throughout the day. 

For dinner we had turkey loin and garlic, olive oil zucchini pasta, and sweet potato puree. I am not a puree fan due to the texture, but my hubby made and it was my starchy carb, so I gagged it down. Literally, I gagged.

I felt like I was coming down with a cold.

Nursing Note; I don't usually pump on the weekends, but baby ate frequently and seemed satisfied. He had plenty of wet and poopy diapers.

Day 7:

Definitely sick. My baby is really sick, so my meals were off schedule and a bit a weird. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and salad. I had to be fast so we could get to urgent care when they opened.

I only had one lunch and it was a little late. I had left over turkey loin, spinach salad, and some fruit. Then later I had a had full of almonds because I was starving and on the run to pick up meds. 

Dinner was left over turkey loin and garlic herb baked sweet potatoes. It was yummy. I was really dragging until I ate dinner. Definitely needed more food throughout the day to help combat the illness and taking care of my sick kiddo. 

Nursing Note: Baby is nursing fine, which is good for him. We will see what the supply is like for Day 8. I am usually low when sick, but If I keep hydrated and get enough calories it should be okay.

First Week Feelings:

I feel like I figured out how much I need to eat for my activity level and breastfeeding, but like I mentioned people felt a lull around Day 10, so we will see. 

I feel really good. I never felt more tired than usual due to the diet. I actually felt like I was handling the lack of sleep better than I previously had. I am a lot less cranky even though I am getting less and less sleep with my sick kiddos. 

Although, I am pretty sick, I still have the energy to take care of my sick family, and I am not down for the count which is great. 

As for my weight, I feel lighter. I think my face looks trimmer, and my clothes seem to be a little looser. I think. It could all be in my head. I have not weighed myself as per program instructions.

Emotionally, I feel more stable than I have since having the boys. I feel more patient. This maybe an over share, but since getting a Muriena IUD, I have feel very depressed and anxious when PMS strikes, which had never happened prior to the new birth control. This was my first time using hormonal birth control, so I thought maybe there was a correlation. If it continued, I was going to talk with someone about it, but guess what?! That did not happen. In fact, I did not even realize I lacked this doom and gloom phase until it should have been over. I am so excited! In fact, I lacked all my usual PMS symptoms, which was nice. It makes me wonder what I was eating that caused it.

No news on the allergy front yet. I cannot tell if my sinus have improved on the diet yet because I have been sick. Only time will tell. 



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Day 8:

Still sick, but managing and improving. I am tired of posting everything I eat. Instead I will post general feelings.

My illness seems to be short lived. I am not sure if the diet boosted my immune system, but as a nursing mom who passes antibodies on to baby, the sooner I recover is better for both of us. 

I stopped feeling the need to snack as much in the evening before dinner, but when I do I am making better choices. 

Nursing Note: A little low, but that happens when I am sick.

Day 9:

Back in the saddle. I am definitely back into the groove of things. I am noticing the desire or need to snack is still lowered. I am actually not feeling as hungry as I was at the beginning when I felt starving all the time. Craving still hit occasionally, but so far they are not as bad as before, especially the cheese craving. Hurray!

Nursing Note: All good in the neighborhood.

Day 10:

Still not as hungry. I am actually leaving food on my plate. I attribute this to actually figuring out what to eat and when. I am just making for satisfying choices. I am tired, but my kids did not sleep, so pretty sure it has nothing to do with the diet. I think my face is looking thinner. 

Nursing Note: Production was up today, which is weird since most women posted a decline. I think it was due to my killer smoothie for breakfast and then sweet potato hash for dinner the previous night and leftovers for lunch.

Day 11:

Definitely felt bloated like the Whole30 timeline suggested. Its seemed like just the day before my clothes felt looser, and then out of the blue I couldn't find any thing I felt comfortable in. 

I ate out again today. Things went well. I had a salad with grilled chicken and my own red wine vinaigrette salad dressing. I was hard. We went to a restaurant with one of my favorite sandwiches, which my husband ordered jerk. It was also tempting to not order my salad without the feta cheese. What harm could a little feta cheese do? Ugh. I held strong.

Nursing Note: Steady as she goes.

Day 12:

I was incredibly hungry and  completely out of groceries. I had to eat out breakfast and lunch since the only things I had on hand did not fit my diet. The temptation to cheat is strong today. I want carbs. I want cheese. I want it all!!!!!! I have picked up a green smoothie with chia for breakfast, and a salad for lunch again. I will definitely hit the grocery store tonight.

Face is definitely looking thinner. Also my boobs have shrunk even though my milk production has not suffered. My pants are still feeling a little tight due to the bloating. 

Energy wise, I am feeling pretty good. Mentally I am on my game, which is good. I love my job, and I am good at it. It would suck to loose my edge. I am not sure if I am doing better or worse, but still kicking butt.  

Nursing Note: Steady as she goes, and my baby is happy and healthy since he was able to nurse through the illness. I was a scary one. I am grateful that this diet allowed me to nurse and recover quickly. We had RSV which isn't a big deal for a healthy adult (I felt like I had a minor cold), but baby ended up with a double ear infection and a harsh cough that requires a breathalyzer. Maybe a little over share, but its hard to here baby having a hard time breathing, so I am extra thankful it is over. The cough hurt his little throat and put him off baby food. All he wanted was to nurse, and I was able to accommodate that and did not experience the Day 10 slump. I attributed this to reading the forums and adjusting my diet in the early days.




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