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First W30 Day 24 Fatigue


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Howdy Whole30! My husband and I are making this journey together, which makes for a great support system. We are on day 24  as of today. But the last couple of days I've just been dragging. Thankfully I'm on my vacation but was hoping for a bit more energy for the activities I was hoping to enjoy. But I haven't done much of anything! I'm hoping to turn the corner here soon. I've upped my carbs and fat a bit hoping that will help. Also started using a multivitamin. 

Anyway, we are glad to walk this journey with so many others!


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Hang in there, you're so close to the finish, or semi finish line.  What are you guys eating?  Have you found new recipes that excite you?  I haven't started yet; right now I'm collecting recipes and then will go shopping Friday afternoon and cook on Friday and begin on Saturday.  I have been playing around with the program and already have began feeling so much better, I think grains are my biggest contributor to not feeling well and I don't think giving them up will be a problem.

Hope to hear more about the types of foods you've been eating.


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Hi Becky,

Thank you for the encouragement, it's helpful. I think I figured it out from the "Ladies Only" Forum. You may want to check that out as you are preparing to embark on your Whole30 journey. 

It occurred to me that not only are hormones effected by the dietary changes in this plan, but we just were not getting enough carbs and fats. We are fairly active throughout the day and needed to fuel that better. Reading, "It Starts with Food" was a big eye-opener too. Lots of great information.

Anywho, I called off a road trip this weekend so I could finish this well. I'm feeling better today and am looking forward to the proverbial "finish" line. But you know it's only the beginning :)

I wish you all the best on your Whole30 journey! These forums have been SUPER helpful for the weird things that arise.

Go get em!!


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