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Don;t GIVE UP! It's Day 9,and I feel AWESOME!


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Just starting?  Don't give up. You will feel horrible before you feel better.  Today is my 9th day.  Even though it's great that I am wearing pants that I COULDN'T WEAR LAST WEEK,  I feel amazing today. I feel like I can feel my blood in my body, energy in my limbs. Hope it doesn't sound hokey, but don't give up! You will have moments of ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! And so many moments of feeling so proud of yourself throughout your days.  I can't wait for the next 3 weeks and beyond. I can't imagine taking back ANY of the crap I gave up!! I used to have nearly daily migraines that were untreatable.  This past week I've had headaches, but they were from detoxing sugar. Love yourself enough to not make and decisions about the Whole30 until you have finished!

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