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In recent years in my concerted efforts to be a healthier person I have prided myself on having a good immune system. In the last three years in my current position I have never needed to take a sick day for myself (kids, well that's a different story!).

I'm on day 10 and I am SICK! In every circle of my life recently it seems people have been sick; cold virus type sick. This time it actually got me too! I haven't veered off track with my whole30 at all but today has been hard. The more miserable I feel the more I want crackers, or bread, or brownies....(think I just triggered myself here!)

I am well aware that the best way to host a virus longer is to feed it sugar so I'm not going to do it! Today, when I've been awake (which is not much!) I've had good proteins, lots of water and handfuls of vitamin C!

Is this a normal experience? Is the immune system typically weaker in the first days of the body readjusting and withdrawing from junk? Any tips for making it go away faster?? If you've been sick during the whole30 did you notice your cravings were through the roof too?


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Carb flu (withdrawal from sugar) feels a lot like real flu, not in terms of cough, but mild fever, aches, headache, fatigue. Which is not to say you didn't catch a virus, but your carb flu could be piled on top of it and making you feel worse right now. Take chicken soup and a couple of Tylenol and rest up. Most of all, stay away from the sugar. This is probably your breakthrough transition and you will feel so much better in just a few days.

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