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I love the whole30 community but I don't feel like I have a place on the current forum setup. I'd like to see something in "Life After Your Whole30" for food freedom forever folks. I'm post reintroduction, not off track - I mean I'm not perfect, I plan 2 resets resets a year after my 2 big tradeshows in February and in September. And the Whole9 community isn't very active.

Do you have any suggestions?

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The two (Whole30 and Food Freedom Forever) seem inextricably linked........however they are not and this is a support forum for folks navigating Whole30 and reintroductions. There are some spots available already where you could post the sort of thing you're looking for. Off track/staying on track would be the best and then you are also free to keep a Post Whole30 Log. The logs can often be fairly active.

The trouble with making a "food freedom" area is that honestly, that encompasses absolutely anything that someone might want to eat at any time ever.............because everyone's food freedom looks different.

I hope this answers your question.

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