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Business Travel - No Area Grocery Stores


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Hi Everyone!

I am new to the forum and want to embark on my first Whole 30.  When I am at home, it will be no problem to stick to.  But I travel for work at least 1-2 weeks per month sometimes which makes it very difficult to stick to healthy eating.  Most of the time, I am flying to my work locations.  The other major thing is that the places that I travel to have no area grocery stores or farmer's markets.  I have not been able to locate a grocery store or farmer's market that sells fresh produce or even salads in the areas that I travel to yet (small towns with manufacturing plants)... and I have been trying.  I have even asked some of my co workers who work in those areas and they all live over an hour or more away.  I also have to eat out with my team when I am there and of course, the places that they pick serve nothing but food that is not healthy.  

I am wondering if taking a bag of nuts, organic turkey jerky, and a few packs of protein powder packs to mix with water while I am out of town would be the best options for most of my meals (except for dinner) during the short periods that I am out of town.   Dinner would more than likely be the burger with no bun or cheese and no fries with water.  

I am not trying to set up roadblocks, but this is really my situation and I have been struggling and failing to eat healthy when I travel for work because there are literally no healthy options in the hotels that I am staying at or in the immediate area.  I love my job, but now it is affecting my weight and health and that is not ok.  Please help :-(

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Can you take food with you?  Do you have a hotel with a fridge?  Pack a cooler of hard boiled eggs, a jar of mayo (or the ingredients, a mason jar and an immersion blender), tins of tuna, salmon, sardines etc... you may have to rethink how you pack and what is a meal, but protein powder and nuts are not a meal and that will probably leave you feeling worse than ever...

are you close to any of your coworkers... just enough that maybe they could do a grocery shop for you and bring the items to your hotel?  Do you get a car?  Can you drive out to where they grocery shop?

Do the restaurants you will be eating at do take out?  Can you order a couple of beef patties, chicken breasts etc... and supplement with the home made mayo and veggies your coworkers can bring out?

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