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I'm not really sure if this a sleeping issue or I'm just sleeping so good little is required.

When I started my w30 I was having trouble sleeping, unable to go to sleep and stay asleep. Getting between 4 and 5 hours of restless sleep. Feeling like I couldn't survive the day, needing TONNES of sugar to get through the day, carbs and coffee.

Now I'm able to fall asleep around 930pm sleep like a BABY but then waking up between 3:30 and 4:30 getting 6 to 7 hourse of peaceful restful sleep like wheni was a kid. No added sugars, no massive carbs and only 1 black tea and 1/2 a coffee a day. (I will say that I do make my self lay down for another hournornso before work, but I feel ,Ike I'd rather be out....running???)

So I'm wondering is this my bodys way of saying this is all the sleep you need? What do you think?

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There are a range of opinions about how much sleep a person really needs, but the most credible reports focus on 8 hours. I think you should give yourself at least 8 hours in bed every night with much of that time spent asleep. You can get away with sleeping less on any given night, but your body needs plenty of sleep to conduct its business properly. Sleep is surprisingly important to weight loss, so you may find that sleeping more is better for your body composition than running.

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