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Non Acid Reflux


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I am on day 13 of Whole30. This has been a great challenge for me. I have been sick for 1 1/2 yrs and not one physician/specialist has been able to help me. I went to bed on a Monday night healthy and a great eater exerciser and health freak and woke up Tuesday unable to eat or drink anything! Not even water without a burning throat. To make a long story short, I went to 10 Specialists of all kinds in NJ, endured 2 endoscopies, 4 nasal/esophageal scopes, 4 antibiotics, 6 PPIs and prednisone without relief. I finally sought out a gastroenterologist in NYC out of Mount Sinai who said I have Non Acid Reflux. No cure, no medicine all done through diet. So after loosing 13 lbs (I was 106 to start) I embarked on the journey to seek self help for foods. I found an alternative medicine doctor and Whole30!! I have still had some reflux but it is getting better. I can't have a lot of foods so life is a challenge for me. I have to re-write my foods and stay within Whole30. I can't have coconut, nuts, bananas, melons, red meat and spices, coffee, and other foods. I have a lot of food sensitivities. I will not give up. I want to be a part of this forum so I can have support.

This is my first writing! 

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