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Second Dream


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TODAY I had my second dream. 

I'm 13 days far into my Whole30 or 16 Days of my Whole 32 (long story short I kinda screwed up in my second day and started again but also to not discourage myself so much I re-named it Whole 32)

So... My first dream was about popcorn and cookies, pretty standard right? But today's dream was supe silly! 

I dreamed I was chewing gum!!! yup... not even regular but sugar free gum, and as it happened on my last dream I realized I was chewing gum like at the middle of my dream which meant i'd beed chewing on that evil piece of gum for a lot of time (I have really long dreams sometimes) , so the moment I realized i've been chewing gum the whole time I totally freak out and get totally disappointed and I even remember telling myself "you screwed up in a dream already and this is the real life!!!" but thankfully it was another dream lol... 

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