Whole30 First Timer, The Journey


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Thanks AndieK!   My plan has been to make some type of crock pot meal on Sunday so I can hopefully have leftovers for the week.  This worked great last week - I made pork carnitas and had plenty for lunches, some last minute dinners and there is still some left.  Only my husband and I will eat it so it worked out well.  Yesterday I made Crock Pot Chili.....and yes, it was lunch for hubby and I today!  Another dish the kids won't eat.  I'll have to find a chicken type recipe for next week =)

I've been doing pretty well so far.  I haven't really had any crazy cravings and surprisingly, haven't really missed anything.  I thought I would totally miss dairy and have an issue with carbs (pasta, bread, rice, quinoa...) but I haven't (yet).  I haven't even missed wine!!  I do find that a snack is needed sometimes in the afternoons, but with our schedules it's very unlikely that I can get dinner on the table by 5pm (usually closer to 7!) and given I have lunch 12-1ish, I don't really worry about that.  I guess that's something I can start a thread on - or maybe should Google - Long Day survival =)   

PS - Glad you liked my BB lady comment =) . I'm a huge BB fan and have done various programs.   

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@Rottiegirl2017 Crock pot meals are the best!!! One great thing about chicken crock pot meals is you can really put almost anything in there and it's good. You have my craving pork carnitas....a recipe I have yet to make. That is going on the list for next week! :)

If you make it to the end of your second week without any major cravings, you are going to breeze right through Whole30! Oh, not snacking was hard for me! My body was so used to small meals and snacking before lunch and before dinner that I broke the rules and still snacked. They were always Whole30 compliant snacks and just small ones, but I had to in order to keep me from reaching for the chips or unhealthy snacks that were lying around the break room, taunting me. You should definitely start a thread on Long Day Survival! I want to follow that for sure.

It may be too soon to ask, but have you decided yet if this is something you want to keep doing after the 30 days are up? Or is there a specific food you have already thought about reintroducing first?

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