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My FIRST Whole30 Experience


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Day one (7/17/2017) is complete... and I've started Day 2, today. I did not get around to blogging in my forum yesterday, but MAN! i can't believe I was able to stick to the whole30 diet my first day. I really tested my limits deciding to start this process the same weekend my husband and I were moving out of our house. We moved for 12 hours on Saturday and ALL day Sunday. Additionally, it was Nate's birthday on Sunday and we celebrated with a 6:00p dinner at a HIbachi Steakhouse with this family. Then we came back to my mother-in-laws for cake. So the birthday festivities did not end until after 9. Luckily I got up nice and early on Sunday so I was able to go grocery shopping with my pre-planned grocery list. BUT! i did not get to meal prep on Sunday!! So i scrounged for my breakfast and lunch. I got up a little earlier than necessary on monday morning in order to hard boil eggs and make the whole30 Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing and threw it all with a salad for both breakfast and lunch. I also ate berries with each meal. I got home a bit earlier than expected and my husband and I got straight to meal prep for the week. I've decided to only meal prep the breakfast and I will just double our dinner portions for the following days lunch. This worked out great. We made the Diner Breakfast recipe in the whole30 book (Sausage patties & homefries, and i will whip up the eggs in the morning). Then for dinner we did cauliflower mash with a london broil and grilled avocado. It was DELICIOUS!

The only craving i had was for gum, since the balsamic vinaigrette was a bit garlicky! Otherwise day 1 was a complete SUCCESS!! I am really looking forward to what this is going to do for me health wise. Especially since today I went to my endocrinologist and stepped on the dreaded scale... at 204 lbs. I am hoping that will read 190 by the end of this... and eventually 165/170. (sounds high.. but my body is composed of a lot of muscle) really scale weight doesnt matter to me - I just want to be a size 8. That is my TRUE GOAL and I. GOT. THIS!!!!


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