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Day 11 and having first stomach ache of W30

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I have been loving my W30. No slump, no "hangover" phase, I was breezing through, until today. After lunch I have my first stomach ache since starting the program. Just wondering how common nightshade sensitivity is. I'm not allergic to anything, but I have definitely always had inflammation issues. I am not eating potatoes at all, and peppers only here and there. But tomatoes are a staple in my diet, especially in the summertime. So Last night I made a tomato meat sauce with 100% grass fed ground beef, canned Earthfare brand tomatoes and tomato paste (compliant ingredients) as well as fresh tomatoes. I made zucchini zoodles to go with it. I added minced garlic and oregano, thyme, sage, marjoram, salt and pepper. I also added Bragg's Nutritional yeast, my first time using it. Is there anything here that looks like it would cause a stomach ache? No issues when I ate it for dinner last night, but major stomach ache after having it for lunch today. For reference, I had carrots, celery and 2 scrambled eggs, and 4 oz. coconut milk for breakfast. Stomach did not hurt until after lunch. Any help is much appreciated!!

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