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Olives- I really, REALLY like them! Especially after years of calorie counting and being told that these types of fats have to be avoided or eaten in teeny tiny quantities!

Which leads me to ask.... Does anyone have compliant recipes using them?

I eat them straight from the jar.... black, green with pimento, garlic stuffed. But since the p_zza word is out of the question, I can't think of another way to use olives. Kinda bored of eating them plain.



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I haven't tried this ... but perhaps you could make your own sort of olive tapenade! (something like this perhaps - http://www.paleoplan.com/2012/03-02/olive-tapenade/)

I would probably eat this with bibb or romaine lettuce (as a wrap) or put it on top of fish or chicken to change things up at dinner.

Hope that helps... I know what you mean... I love olives but the novelty wears off after having them out of the jar all the time!

Good luck!

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I roast a head of garlic, then I take my favorite black olives and run them through my cuisinart with the garlic and olive oil. Pretty much a tapanade. Then I mix in some homemade mayo and sometimes quac and lemon or lime juice. It's a great topping for fish, chicken, shrimp and veggies.

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