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Start date 7 August!


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Hello, so I'm starting the Whole 30 on 7 August. I'm keen to kick it off sooner, but on 4 August I have a formal, 3 course sit down dinner with a set menu and absolutely no discretion (or even foreknowledge) over the menu.

So instead of getting 2 weeks in, knowing I'm going to break the streak, I'm using the 2 weeks beforehand to get as educated as I can on the program, read labels and identify products which are compliant, compile recipes I plan to make and eat as Whole 30 as I can.

I'm in Australia, so a lot of the info I see on here about brands, stores and products doesn't apply to me, but just having a hunt around, I've been pleasantly surprised with how many compliant ingredients I'm able to get my hands on. To be honest, Whole 30 isn't a huge stretch on how I eat day to day, its the unbroken streak of 30 days that will be the big difference, so I'm not expecting to struggle massively. I'm already very competent at cooking from scratch (I even make my own bacon, ham, pastrami, curry pastes, pestos etc already) so I think tweaking things to make them compliant will be a fun challenge.

Why am I doing it? I have a history of food intolerances (MSG, dairy, duck eggs, pecans and a few others) which have manifested in various ways in the past, seem to have gone dormant but I don't know how I feel if I actually cut them all out completely.  I have also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Some of my recent symptoms have my doctors scratching their heads, so I'm doing this to see if my wonderfully quirky body has decided to manifest some new intolerances or has started reacting differently to the old ones. Plus, I had lost almost 40kg over the past 2.5 years and have put 15kg back on due to getting sick, having to stop exercising and reaching for highly processed, high sugar comfort foods and too much wine.

So yeah. That's me in a (compliant) nutshell. 

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