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Why isn't this working.............


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I'm feeling rather down and out about my whole30 experience this second time. My first whole30 was such a great experience, i learned soo much about my body. I found soo much energy. I was at peace with myself.

I took a 6 week holiday, where i wasn't always in control of my eating. And well it took strain on my body. I wasn't in a good place mentally, or emtionally. My peace had left.

Fast forward 5 weeks since i've been back, and on day 18 on my second whole30, and i'm bloated, moody, down, irritable. Just really not feeling where i should be. The worst part is i know where i need to be, and i know the fabulous feelings i'm chasing. I'm just not getting there.

I did stop taking my BC just over a week ago, not sure if that has aything to do with it.

My food is as below:

  • Chicken and green salad (usually some avocado), bone broth with shallots
  • Chicken and green vegies salad, with avocado, sweet potato
  • Dinner sushi (seaweed, cucumber, lettuce, tuna, tomato, avocado)
  • snacks- pecan nuts, blueberries,
  • PWO- egg whites, sweet potato
  • pepermint tea and a black tea, no more than once a day

Am i missing something?????

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Changing hormones can make a girl crazy. It's really not pretty. I would give it a week or so more before you even begin to expect to normalize. In the meantime, have some extra sweet potatoes or pumpkin and try not to stress. You aren't doing anything wrong, you're just having a different experience.

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Thanks Robin, I have felt on my own about this. When lots of other people are experiencing all the wonderful things i did on my first whole30, its hard to sit back and look at my current experience.

I've been upping my carb intake, as i have read its great for women, and their hormones. So hopefully next week i can start to feel normal again. I miss my smile :D

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