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Hey guys!!

I am a sophomore in college and started the Whole30 Plan on July 17th (So I'm on day 5- woohoo!!). 

I played a lot of sports in high school but since then have fallen out of shape and into some bad habits. I LOVE life, music, my ukulele, and so many other things....but those unfortunately include chocolate, junk food, hostess, pizza, etc... ;P

The older I get (I do know I'm still super young!), the more I realize I should be taking more initiative to get a grip on my health. I am so blessed to never have had any health issues, so I really want to treat my body right and respect it, and I'm hoping this will help me break bad habits and get rid of my incredibly strong sweet tooth!!

When I say I have a big sweet tooth, I mean these past 5 days, I have ONLY had meat, vegetables, and fruit...although I probably am prioritizing the fruit a little too much, to be honest.

My thought process is this, however: better to be eating bananas, watermelon, and grapes than Hostess Cupcakes, chocolate ice cream, and cake...right? Or no...? ha!

I'm known for starting things and giving I am REALLY hoping to stick this thing out.

Anyway, I love to give encouragement and I'd LOVE to hear from y'all. 






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