Not losing weight

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I am now on day 21 of my Whole30. My skin looks great, my tummy troubles are way better but I haven't lost weight. I didn't get on the scale, but I can tell by my clothes and looking at myself that I haven't. I just feel like I did something wrong.  I ate all compliant foods, I was vigilant about reading ingredients. The only thing I may have messed up was having nuts as a snack when I work and can't have a meal...I would then have my meal later. So I ate 3 meals and nuts or a Larabar for a snack some days. Or maybe my meals were too big, but it says you don't have to measure and I used the book's recipes.


Kinda disappointed

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May 25, 2015 - 20 posts - ‎12 authors

I did not do this just for weight loss, but when I stepped on the scale I went ..... I too have not lost weight.. i only weighed myself after day 30 and ...

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