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Hello everyone!  My husband and I started W30 on the 17th, and I just found this site. What a wealth of information and encouragement!

So far we are doing well on the plan. We're discovering new food combinations that we enjoy. Our best new discovery is homemade mayo (and salad dressing). Wow!  We have chickens, so I enjoy using our eggs to make the mayo.  We actually like the ranch dressing we make better than any store bought we've had. And  it's so easy to make! 

Supper is the easiest meal for me to make.  Breakfast is difficult, as I love cereal and oatmeal!  I've been making eggs and bacon or fruit smoothies. I know smoothies are not technically supposed to be used, but it's one of the things my husband and I can make quickly and take to work with us. We don't do them every day though, and the ingredients are all on plan.

Lunch has mostly been chicken salad with roasted peppers, leftovers from supper or some kind of protein and veggies.

One thing I've done both last week and for this week is make a big pot of soup.  Last week we used it on Thursday night when I unexpectedly had to be gone all evening.  It was nice to know that I didn't have to worry about making a meal that evening.

I'm looking forward to being on this journey with all of you!

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