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On and off - and on again. Feeling awful


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Hi there. I have finished 30 whole days in september, finished the 9th of October. Five days of holiday staying with family followed - wouldn't "dissapoint" them and be rude and picky so: 5 days of OVEReating any kind of SAD food got into my body.

Began over on a new W30 15th of October. But suddenly I found myself eating like a horse on uncompliant food at this Sunday 4/11. Back on track again on Monday. I am still on compliant food now.

Today I feel like; bloated and full. Tired, hurting in body and slow working. Angry at myself, sad and dissapointed. Stinking and not in control.

I am eating OK sizes of portions, but may have eaten too many nuts, berries and coconut milk. I felt pretty OK the first W30, but not too energetic either. Though I didn't have these cravings and bloated feeling.

What I am wondering is: did my "off-road-Sunday" destroy absolutely everything? Haven't my body learned anything and go a bit faster on track if I go back on W30 the day after? ( I am not saying that it is a good solution). Will the carb - flu experience eating bad be the same, no matter what you eat before - and after?

Should I eat less? A typical day is like:

B: chicken filet, omelette, tomatoes, some greens, maybe avocado, ghee.

L: Salmon leftovers, scrambled eggs, betes, onion, ghee.

D: ground meat with vegetables in ghee

Evening meal, a (small) bowl with berries, Coconut oil, some nuts and coconut milk creme.

I struggle with this - shall I continue or shall I just let it go. The thing is that I really believe in this way of eating and living, but I am tired of feeling like crap - it is stealing my energy and mind ( I think I even have gained weight, doesn't dare to weigh in).

Sorry for whining, but thanks for reading - it was good to get it all out though ;) Anyone with clue what to do further?

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Hi there! First off, you sound like your stressing over this. Try to relax and be nice to yourself. If your body feels like it can get by with less food, go ahead and try it. Ideally, you want to strive for just three meals. If you're working out, that is a different story. That being said, I've found that after being off track, I feel better by just eating good foods and not worrying about how much until my body starts feeling better and recovering from the binge. Once I feel good, it is easier to pull back on things. You may experience the same carb flu symptoms again...but everyone is different. The good news is, the sooner you start, the sooner you'll feel better. Don't stress over it. Don't weight yourself. Be nice to yourself. Read some positive, motivational materials. Try new recipes. Enjoy the idea that your body will feel good shortly! Best wishes! :D

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It sounds like your off road excursions are big ones. You're not just having a special treat, you're going all the way off road into the jungle. It is one thing to eat a piece of dessert or a burger with the bun and some fries, and another thing to go totally off plan all day or for a week. That is hard on a body.

It appears that you make good food choices when you are on plan. You just need to take it easy when you go off plan. Don't abandon all the good foods when you decide to have a bite of something off plan.

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Thanks for answering- I'll bring the good answers with me along with all the healthy food. It is no good feeling when you're letting yourself down time after time. I guess it is all about will power.

(besides, where have my period gone? I guess it is hormonal too) :)

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