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Rookie mistake on Day 1: Sugar in sauce


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So I started my Whole30 journey today and already messed up! Grr!  A couple of girlfriends asked me to lunch at work today and I said, sure, as long as we go to Pei Wei or Chipotle, where I've read you can find compliant menu items.  (BTW - I had packed a lunch already, but I never miss a chance to catch up with these two fun ladies!)  So we went to Pei Wei and I ordered from the gluten free menu.  I ordered Spicy Pei Wei chicken, which had lots of veggies and "Pei Wei spicy sauce."  Like a true Whole30 rookie, I started eating the dish only to taste the very sweet sauce.  I asked an employee what was in the sauce and she told me "sugar and vinegar." Then she proceeded to rattle off all the sauces that have sugar in them.  Like everything basically. :(

So, I'm bummed I made a dumb mistake on Day 1.  And I'm bummed that I'm starting over ALREADY!  

I want to be able to enjoy an occasional lunch out with friends.  If you've done this successfully and eaten more than just steak and plain baked potato, I'd love to hear from you. 

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Hi! We aren't super super conservative when we go out to eat- We live in Japan and our choices here are limited and there is a language barrier when we go out in town however I have a few tips! It's been a few years since I've been to Pei Wei- that might be a really hard one to dine at! For other restaurants:

*Take your own compliant sauce! I've taken Primal Kitchen Foods dressing with me and ordered a salad, asking everything not compliant to be left off. That's always a really good option. So if you are near a Panera or salad bar, you could easily customize a salad!

*I have a cooler bag I will put ghee, spices, and sauces in when we go out to eat- ask for butter to be left off meats and spice it up yourself!

We have a Chili's on base here, which isn't the absolute best, but they are really considerate in modifying the fajitas for me to make them dairy free (no butter on the meats, no sour cream, and no cheese) and I ask them not to bring the tortillas, an I get plain diced tomatoes and diced avocado instead of the pico and guac just to be sure!

Good luck navigating restaurants in the future and don't let this slip up distract you from nailing the next 30 days!

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