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Day 15 Troubles

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I'm on Day 15 (woo hoo half way!) of my Whole 30, but having some troubles. My body is waking itself up super early.. I go to bed between 9-10 pm and don't have to wake up until 6 am for work, but have been waking up every morning between 4:30-5:30. I wake up feeling refreshed and don't have any slumps throughout the day, but would really like to be able to sleep later. Breakouts have also gotten worse. I had occasional breakout pre Whole 30, but not much. I now have breakouts in places I never did before (chin, cheek, and forehead) which has greatly increased over the last few days. I have read a lot about cutting out nuts, but don't feel like I snack on nuts or have increased my intake since starting. I probably ate more before starting Whole 30 because I was snacking more. I'm also still a little edgy, finding myself snapping at my family over the smallest thing and getting upset. What gives? Is my body still detoxing? I ate fairly Whole 30ish before starting, so didn't expect all of this. This is my second Whole 30 and I don't remember having this before! Here is a typical day for my meals... 

5-6 am I'm a nurse with long hours, so sometimes I will have a banana with my coffee with a splash of almond milk if I'm up super early 

breakfast ~8 am: 2 eggs, turkey sausage, avocado, fruit

lunch ~12-1 pm: stuffed pepper with cauliflower rice and ground beef, potato with ghee, veggies

pre workout snack if I workout: meat stick or hardboiled egg with sweet potato

dinner ~6-7 pm: pork and sweet potato hash with avocado and veggies

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I wake up feeling refreshed and don't have any slumps throughout the day, but would really like to be able to sleep later.

Why?  It sounds like your body is giving you a clear signal that you need around 7.5 hours of sleep... if you want to 'sleep' later because what you really want is to stay in bed (who doesn't!) how about reading for the hour or so?  I personally wouldn't fight it... 

Breakfast should be eaten within an hour of waking, so maybe skip the banana and eat the breakfast... also, you have no veggies with breakfast so assuming you eat the banana when you wake up, you're already pretty fruit heavy and veggie light right out of the gate.

How much ground beef do you actually get? a palm or two?

It's hard to tell your serving sizes and specific veggies as you've listed it here but from what it looks like you're light on meals which would lead to the snapping/edgy upset bit, possibly the sleep bit... the breakouts I don't see anythign that stands out... are you snacking on nuts/seeds? 

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