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Completed Whole30- continuing


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HI, I started the whole 30 in June and finished up 2 days before a week long family reunion/vacation.   I didn't weigh before , during or after but I have gone down a size which is a thrill.  I love that my sleeves are looser and all my shirts are loser around the middle. I am staying off the scale as it either makes me less vigilant if I have lost weight, or depresses me if I haven't lost weight.  I discovered IBS along the way as I increased my fruits and vegetables. I learned about FODMAP and reducing certain foods helped quite a bit.

I took the occasion of my vacation  to dip my foot in testing  some food items. My findings were Red Wine does not bother me a bit (Yay!) , I didn't react well to Brie cheese and/or Mozzarella and I'm definitely staying gluten free.  I also sampled gluten free vodka and I did not feel well so staying away from that.

Currently I am following the Whole30 rules with the exception of the occasional glass of red wine. 

I still have quite a bit of pain in my joints(head to toe) and my psoriasis is still active but I have more good days than bad. I am hoping that if I stay on this on a somewhat permanent basis I will reduce the inflammation which has been building for decades. I don't think I can expect it to go away in 30 days :-)

All in all, I feel great about what I have learned. Now I am working on my husband to get on the bandwagon. :-)


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