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Back in the saddle... or trying to...

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What a crazy month or so! I finished my first whole 30 around the middle of September. Then went to visit my children for 2 weeks for the birth of my granddaughter. Then came home and found a really great new apt (it fell in my lap) so I decided to move unexpectedly. In the same town, not horrible, but I tell you what, this has made my life crazy and unfocused on my health! So here's my experience, because I need to document it, and because it might be helpful to someone else.

The good: I'm in a far better emotional, psychological and physical place than I was a few months ago. Even with the move, I only had the span of 20 minutes that were stressful and emotional. I can think through my days, weeks, life. And this is even without being “strict†whole 30 or even paleo. I still think about my food choices using the guide to off-roading. I literally think this through in my head, and it only takes a second. While I don't feel as lean or healthy as I did at the end of my whole 30, there isn't a difference in the way my clothes fit from a month or so ago.

The bad: This also means that I haven't make any actual progress toward better health in the last month, and I am not willing to live that way (this is a revelation for me). I'm not sure whether to file this under “good†or “badâ€. The revelation part is good, but until I proactively change what I am doing, no progression is still a negative result. I am also really really sore – my fibromyalgia flairs up terribly when I don't eat right and exercise. The more I eat clean, the more my body expects me to eat clean and revolts when I don't. There are specific negative impacts on my health when I don't take care of myself. When I ride my own bike into the abyss, I suffer the consequences almost immediately. Blessing in disguise, as this keeps me more on track than off track. It's also becoming winter in New England and this makes me lazy. I don't want to go walking or running, I want to sit on my butt eating chicken pot pie and apple crisp. I need to JUST DO IT.

The Ugly: The “right†thing to do would be to jump into another whole 30 RIGHT NOW. But I'm probably not going to do that. I am going to unpack the rest of my pantry tonight so I can find things. I'm using that as an excuse. Then I'm going to go back to the whole 30 for a week. Too much change in the last month or so (not just moving) has me living in the present in older to not make myself crazy. The bad part about living in the moment is that I need to not want cheesecake in that moment. LOL But I do have a plan, and it moves me towards better health.

I'm off to the grocery store to get me some good, healthy foods. And I'll park way in the back and walk farther. That's the best I can do today J

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