Calling for coconut milk or full-fat coconut milk in recipes

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I am a little confused by some of the ingredients called for in different recipes.  Sometimes I see coconut milk, full-fat coconut milk, or canned coconut milk.

Canned is easy of course.

When it calls for full-fat coconut milk is that another description of canned?  Or reminding us not to get anything  with "light" on the carton in the dairy department?   I usually make my own coconut milk with unsulphered flakes in my Ninja blender.  

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In recipes, I would always assume they mean canned stuff (or the tetrapacks like Aroy-D brand uses), the regular full-fat version as opposed to the low-fat version.

I would never assume it's the cartons in the dairy section unless they actually specifically say to use that. It tends to be thinner than the canned versions and while it might work for some recipes, it wouldn't be the same consistency so your result might not be the same.

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