Whole30 London-style

Georgia Buchanan

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A nutritionist friend of mine at home (I'm an American living in London at the moment) recommended that I try this and I'm just finishing Day 4! Feeling really hopeful and excited, but of course at the same time doubting myself and wishing that I had more support overseas.

I've been through every fad diet in the book and weight/food has always been an issue for me. I've been sober for a little over 5 years and sugar has reared its nasty head as a nice replacement to alcohol. Losing my father almost three years ago to cancer and then almost losing my brother last summer in a serious accident has caused me to use food as a source of comfort. When things get hard, ice cream can make it all better.

BUT, I refuse to surrender to a life that isn't joyous! That's what we're here for! Join me on here for what I hope (and can see from reading so many success stories) is a life changing endeavor...


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Yep, no Trader Joe's! But, there are a few Whole Foods scattered around London and I'm fortunate to have some really lovely farmers' markets closeby for good produce and meat. How are you going to fair in Italy!? Pasta and gelato are the two biggest temptations for me!

Good luck and excited to hear how you get on....

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Congrats on your decision..... Speaking from experience, cake and ice cream does not " make it all better". It feels that way in the moment, but sugar will release some very powerful neurotransmitters that momentarily sooth,but ultimately leave you much worse off.....

I have found several techniques to " self sooth" ..... Take some deep breaths!!!! Just one min of slow deep Yoga breathing, will do wonders, any time I get anxious or agitated this does the trick. Guided meditation is amazing if you can find the right group/ person to do it with,

And most important for me is short intense workouts ( you need to find your own level, if you don't work out ,brisk walks at a fast pace are a great place to start... Just get your heart pumping and get out of your comfort zone for 15-20 min to start)

Best of luck

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