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Too Much Fruit?


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How do I know if I'm "over-consuming" fruits to squash a sugar craving? I have made the Whole30 Summer Fruit Salad and split it between two days to go with my breakfast. Is this too much? Or I will have fresh cut-up pineapple with my breakfast. My breakfasts vary. One morning a slice of Tomato Bacon Quiche with a side of Sweet Potato Home Fries; next day, two fried eggs, port sausage and cut-up pineapple; next day scrambled eggs mixed with sweet potato home fries and sausage; today was sweet potato home fries with summer squash, two fried eggs and summer fruit salad.

I'm not eating any fruit for a "snack". Since snacking is my "dragon", I am sticking to three good meals per day, with no snacks in-between. However, I have had to throw in a mini-meal twice this week, but one meal was a salad and the other was eggs scrambled with sweet potato home fries.

I just don't want to cheat myself by doing something wrong.

Thanks for any input from "out there" :-)

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I can't say whether you're eating too much, but we can do a quick experiment to figure it out.  Don't eat fruit for a couple days... see what happens... if things stay steady, then maybe you were okay.  If your sugar dragon or snacking dragon revs up then ya, the fruits were likely a crutch and then that's something to address.

I don't know how much the fruit salad makes but the recommendation is 0-2 fist sized servings of fruit a day eaten with meals... could be more in summer but again, that's your own context so do the experiment and see.

One thing, tho it wasn't a question of yours, I don't see a lot of veggies fat with your meals... and then I read further down that you had to do the mini meal... Remember to FILL your plate with veggies.. if youi're having starch, then that's a fist sized serving and the rest would be non starchy veggies... and added fat to every meal...And if you're having eggs only as protein, it's as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping so 3-4... 

I hope that's helped :)

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Thanks SugarcubeOD for your input. I'm staying within the 0-2 fist-sized servings of fruit per day with meals. Some days I don't even eat fruit.

However, I'm definitely not eating enough vegies. I have some issues with inflammation so am trying to limit some nightshades and FODMAPs, and the vegies I actually like are on those lists. I'm still experimenting with recipes and trying to substitute butternut squash and zuchinni for those vegies that are on the FODMAP list. I've downloaded the shopping lists for both of these groups and take them with me to the grocery store to know what to buy. Thanks for the reminder to ramp up my vegie intake :)

I also realized that I'm probably not eating enough protein per meal. It's hard to wrap my head around 3-4 eggs for one meal after years of being told to limit eggs and red meat. I love both! I'll work on that as well.

I will be starting week 2 today, so will definitely incorporate your suggestions.


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