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I'm a newbie, and I'm trying to figure out the whole meal planning thing ( How much fats do I have to include in every meal?

On the pdf document it says to "Add fat in the following recommended amounts per meal" and then lists a whole bunch of sources of fats, while on the top of the document it shows three fat sources per meal (if I get it right): oils and butters, coconut and olives, nuts and seeds. So my question is:

Do I include in every meal the recommended amount of fat from oils and butters PLUS the recommended amount of fat from coconut & olives PLUS the recommended amount of fat from nuts and seeds? 


I have to choose from one of these three sources of fats for every meal and my meals will look like:

- Protein + vegetables + ONLY ONE of the three sources of fat?


Thanks a lot!



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Choose one or two of the listed servings, usually in addition to any fat you've cooked in since often that stays in the pan and isn't really consumed.

So you could have half to a whole avocado, plus a small handful of nuts. 

If occasionally you have a little more, just because it sounds good for that meal, it's okay -- so if you want olives and avocado and ranch dressing on a salad, that's fine.

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