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Modified Corn Starch question


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Cross-posting this here as I did not get a response in the reintro section and it is looking for advice. 

 I'm planning to do my non-gluten re-introduction soon.  I found a curry simmering sauce that says it has modified cornstarch in it.  Because it is cornstarch, is that also a non-gluten grain? 

 The other problem with it I just realized, is that it has sugar in it as well.  Will that affect the re-introduction, or will I be able to tell the difference between a sugar reaction and a non-gluten grain reaction ( similar to the sugary coffee drink  example that is discussed in the sample reintroduction discussion) ?

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Please do not cross post.  The moderators on the forum are volunteers and while we try and get to every question right away, it's reasonable to allow at least 24 hours.

I just googled 'is cornstarch a non gluten grain' and got thousands of hits, so make sure that you're utilizing all the resources available when looking for answers, including good old google.  Cornstarch is a non gluten grain.

Sugar is fine, just watch for reactions such as craving more sugar etc... it's not possible to say if your reaction to non gluten grains is going to be significantly different than your reaction to sugar... it probably isn't the same, but only you can know that by doing experiments... if you have no reaction to the sauce, then fine... if you do and you don't know what the reaction is from, then do a test with corn starch and no sugar.

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