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Stomach cramps and loose movements


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Ok there's no nice way of writing this to cut it short I'm on day 7 I started having bright green diahrreah on day 5, now I have the smelliest constant gas ever and diahrreah still. And stomach ache.

My diet was v bad before this. I'm feeling fine on it- no cravings really and not generally hungry - I am a fair few stone over weight.

Can anyone reassure me?

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It's normal I think

Typical day

Mushrooms egg and bacon for breakfast

Lunch is veg soup with leftover ham, tuna salad, or leftover roasted veg etc

Dinner is again meat - chicken or steak and broccoli and cabbage or roasted cauli and sweet potato, etc

Most things cooked in coconut oil or virgin olive oil

Total snacks 1 apple/pear, a couple of homemade dried apricots/plums and maybe a few cashews or walnuts.

Drinks 2 glasses of water, 3-4 coffees, (usually one with coconut milk, 1 glass of sparkling water.

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Two things jump out at me: too much fat (probably not) or things can just get worse before they get better. this is pretty extreme though...try some compliant probiotics like raw sauerkraut, kimchi or kombumcha? (or pills, either way) to try to get you over the hump. If it persists through day 14, then we might need to look into in further

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