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Whole 30 Take 2


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Day 0 - SLEEPY. 

My day started with me reaching for the coffee (black no sugar) and slowly moving about my day. I've been ok...  Just wondering "Am I hungry", "Do I need a snack" after eating breakfast and lunch. But otherwise ok. 

Breakfast - 2 eggs over easy (olive oil) + orange juice

Lunch - Went out to eat. Burger no bun + sweet potato fries (called ahead and they are fried in canola oil and in a separate batch from other fried foods) 

Dinner - TBD

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Day 6 - Feeling good. No real cravings. Don't get me wrong, when I drive by a Chick-fil-A I'm always "Yumm ice cream" but I keep on driving.

I have though noticed that my face is not as pink as it normally is and looks fairly clear. My stomach has settled as well. It's not as upset at me as it is when I eat what I consider the "no-no's"

Breakfast - 1 chicken apple sausage link + 2 eggs scrambled cooked in olive oil. Quarter cup sweet potato and a banana.

Lunch - potato salad w/home made mayo, simple pork chops, peach and strawberries.

Dinner - Something with beef.... Not yet sure.  

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Whole 30  Second week second round !

 Feeling pretty amazing and empowered ! Getting lots of support &  being prepared is everything !  First time around I spent way too much time making beautiful presentations and taking lots of pictures - not doing that this time - just keeping it simple - simply delicious !!!!

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