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Sooo tired but couldn't sleep

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Today is day 5. Last night I was so tired (fighting a sore throat and cold in addition to doing W30...my kids gave it to me because they have hand, foot, and mouth). Before bed, I was finally able to shower and it felt so good. But then I climbed into bed ready to pass out at 9:30 but by 12:30, with no shut eye, I decided to go eat a banana. After that, I was able to sleep, but not solidly. 

While awake, I read that the reason I probably couldn't sleep is because I didn't eat enough carbs. But I couldn't find a good list of carbs so could someone please help me with a list? Or, do you have other suggestions as to why I couldn't sleep. I really need some energy to fight this cold so any suggestions are welcomed!

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It's hard to say if you did or did not eat enough of anything including carbs without knowing what you've been doing. List out your food over the last few days along with exercise, underlying health conditions, stress, fluids, pre and post workout (if applicable). Make sure that you are giving us specific foods and measurements as they relate to the template. We'll see if anything stands out.

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Thanks for your help. I haven't had the chance to exercise since last weekend due to being sick and having sick kids at home. But recently, not exercising hasn't affected my sleep. I do have a runny nose which is causing a sore throat, but I could breath out of one side of my nose last night. 


Breakfast: Leftover frittata with spinach, onion, and tomatoes. Topped with salsa and half an avocado along with a Teton Waters uncured beef thuringer sausage and a grapefruit. (Serving side: filled a dinner salad plate.)

Lunch: Leftover slow cooker brisket with sauce from cooking. Squash and potatoes. Pineapple. (Serving side: Filled about half of a dinner salad plate.)

Snack: A small handful of unsalted cashews

Dinner: Ground turkey and zucchini meatballs on top of cauliflower mash with broccoli on the side. (Serving size...it fit in a soup bowl and maybe came up about half way.)

Drank water with lunch and dinner and throughout the afternoon. Never really felt hungry during the day (that's a change for me!). 

Banana at 12:32am since I couldn't sleep and felt slight hunger, but had read that bananas are carbs...


Is this enough info or would you like more?


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