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Can I just eat a little?


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First time poster here, but wondering about the reintroduction. Do I have to have a side of a certain food group at every meal or for instance, can I just have a half cup of white rice at dinner with my meal? I want to see how it affects me but not sure if thats enough to fully realize how my body will react. I'm trying to figure out my reintroduction but at the same time, I'm going to be busy this next week and don't want to do too much planning.  But I'm really excited to get a poke bowl with white rice and maybe get my birthday latte from starbucks. Not sure what else I want to add back into my life because I'm also testing out a low fodmaps diet (just starting). I've noticed that I have had digestive issues and it may be because I've been eating a lot of food with high fodmaps during the Whole30.  Has this happened to others? This was my first one... and I recommend doing this during summer because man... if you can change your eating habits during summer, you can do ANYTHING!


Thanks ya'll!

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Hi Lizard0813,

I am on my last week of Whole30 reset and am looking ahead to reintroduction. From what I read in Food Freedom Forever (pp. 63-67), on the day you reintroduce an item, like rice which is a gluten-free grain, you want to have some gluten-free grain at each meal. For example, gluten-free oatmeal for breakfast, 100% corn tortillas at lunch and white rice with dinner. Then you return to the strict elimination diet for 2-3 days to monitor the effects of gluten-free grains on your system.

Reintroduction isn't reintroducing all the eliminated foods at once (i.e. white rice [poke bowl]  and dairy [latte] in the same day). According to Food Freedom Forever, reintroduction is done one eliminated food at a time in order to guage the effects of the foods on your body. If you eat too many eliminated foods in one day, you won't know which one is affecting your body adversely.

Hope this helps and wasn't too late. I noticed your post was on August 3rd. And you may have already figured all this out by now. Happy belated birthday :-)

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