Can't eat big meals - okay to snack?

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I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after finding a whole bunch of previous ailments return after the birth of my son (i.e. once the endometriosis came out of it's pregnancy nap). 

One of the things I've found with the endometriosis is that I get really tired when I eat, and I feel sick and have tummy troubles if I eat too much in one go. And by 'too much' I mean more than about half of a standard meal. Because of this I eat really frequently, every hour or so. I know that with the whole30 you're supposed to have three big meals, but in my current state it just isn't going to work for me. Is it something I should push through (and potentially be really, really hungry for 30 days), or is it okay to let myself have the extra snacks because I can't eat enough otherwise?

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No, we don't want you to be really hungry for 30 days.  I would say the same recommendation would apply to you as applies to those who have undergone weightloss surgery - eat the equivelant of 3 template meals over more frequent meal times.  So that's not really an invitation to snack, it just means that you're going to have smaller protein, fat and veggie meals more often. I wouldn't be eating every hour - half a standard meal every hour??  Half a properly composed template meal would give you about 2.5-3 hours between... 

So no to 'snacking' in the regular sense, which is usually hand to mouth snacking on nuts, nut butter, fruit and dried fruit.  Yes to eating a day's worth of food over more meals.... 

Sound good?

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