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I am just about to finish my round of whole 30 and I don't really plan to stray too far off it as I generally eat to a paleo template. However I am planning a holiday in December that will be 7 days and the food will be non paleo camp food that is part of my holiday package, so lunch will be sandwiches and muesli bars for example, the holiday will be abroad and I will be on horseback by day and swagging by a campfire at night so there isn't really much play with the food. Wheat bloats me and when I reintroduce it, I get cramping for a while and then get used to it, so how long do you think i need to allow to reintroduce grain? I should I insist on gluten free options and stick with that, given that there will only be bush toilets (i.e. squatting behind a tree), I still feel a little funny asking for gluten free when I am only intolerant to wheat. Any tips of how you managed in a similar situation?

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