Brie Bacotti

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Hey Everyone!

Im Brie, just started the Whole30 6 days ago and doing well so far. Had my first dinner out with a friend and it wasn't horrible! I would have loved a cocktail, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. The chef was super accommodating with my dietary restrictions too! Overall my first dining out experience was a success. 

Im doing this alone and need some extra support so I can stay on track. I'm finding it difficult to meal prep. It's taking me hours to find recipes, plan my days, find the correct items at the store, and make everything. I also keep feeling like maybe somehow an off limit ingredient is being sneaked in. I've been googling everything. Also, how much fruit should you be consuming per day? If you have too much fruit does that mess up the diet?

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Hi Brie, I'm on Day 7.  The meal prep is a lot of work and I go to the store almost everyday!  For the first week, I've tried to keep it simple: steak, bbq chicken, hamburger, chicken thigh with a different vegetable.  Have you looked at Nom Nom Paleo's site?  I made the cracklin chicken and it was very easy and good.  

Getting ready to make ghee and mayo this morning for the upcoming week!

Good luck on your journey.

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