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Second Attempt


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Hello, I'm Cindy, I'm on Day 7 and this is my second attempt.  My first attempt was a Whole 17 and it was about 3 years ago.  I did feel a lot better and had a lot of energy.  I think it should be easier because my husband is eating a lot healthier than he used to so I'm not cooking separate meals.  He eats the same meals as I do, I just add a rice or pasta to his meal.  This is huge!  Meal prep and the weekends are my struggle.  

I'm a fairly organized person, but it seems like Whole 30 takes all my free time.  When I'm not at work, I'm doing food prep, researching recipes, going to the grocery store, looking for specific products online, and making grocery lists.  

I can follow the plan quite easy during the week, but weekends are hard.  We spend a lot of time with family and friends and that always involves food and sometimes wine or cocktails.  I'm anxious about eating and i'm trying to plan around that.  We are going to a couple of concerts with friends in the next two weeks and I'm trying to figure this out too.  

I need some support on my journey, since I'm doing this alone.  Thanks everyone.  

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