Johnsonville All Natural Mild Italian Sausage


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Hi guys! I am halfway through my first Whole30 and came across a great recipe for egg sausage muffin cups. I came across this sausage at my local grocery store and can't make a decision on the ingredients. It says "natural sugar", but not sure if that means naturally occurring sugar or they added natural sugar to the sausage. I live in a very small community, far away from any Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. Thanks for your help!! 


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Ya, just to clarify, this is absolutely out for your Whole30... this whole 'less than 2% thing is a marketing gimic but sugar is sugar... no bueno.

Editing to add, go to and look up the recipe for Eggplant strata... she's got a sausage seasoning spice mix that is legit... use the spice mix and some ground meat and make your own sausage meat for the egg cups!  

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