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Coconut Aminos at Star Market, Shaws, ACME!!!!!!!!


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PSA:  Maybe you all already know this but I'm new to Whole 30 (day 5 y'all) so I'm still learning.   I was digging through the forums today when I went to the soy sauce section and could not find coconut aminos anywhere, and everyone was saying "Go to a natural food store" "Trader joes" "Whole foods" etc.   I don't know about you, but I want to get all my shopping done in ONE trip. So I started reading about substitutions for coconut aminos such as fish sauce and balsamic vinegar.  The fish sauce wasn't compliant, so I made my way to the balsamic aisle and Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos were right there!  There were also some non-compliant Bragg's soy sauces there. I shop at Star Market, which is also known as Shaw's and is in the same company group as ACME. 

Who says eating Whole30 has to break the bank? I got my gas points and everything :)


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