Completed the Whole30! My results :)


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Hi everyone! I just completed my first Whole30 today and wanted to share my results with you all! I didn't feel the 'magic' click in in the same way others describe during the program, rather just gradual but marked improvements when I built on my already pretty paleo diet.

  • I lost 4lbs! I have been losing weight with clean eating/paleo for a few months now, but these few pounds seemed to fall off reasonably effortlessly!
  • During the Whole30 I had pretty much no PMS symptoms...I can't quite believe it after years of having PMS symptoms for sometimes 10 days leading up to my period such as bloating, cravings, lethargy, cramps, pimples and crazy emotions, to experience none was quite something! My period was also a lot shorter and lighter - basically everything was easier to handle.
  • I was less hungry and can now go a lot longer between meals without getting cranky or feeling terrible hunger pangs.
  • I now have next to nothing cravings for sugar.
  • People have complimented me on my 'glowing skin' :)
  • I have noticed my moods are more stable and generally I just feel happier. This is one of my favourite results!! Before I felt like sometimes my moods would swing so drastically within the day, but now I just feel calmer, collected, patient and just tranquil.
  • At about day 16 I experienced a surge in energy and have been doing my regular cardio and strength workouts 3 to 5 times a week ever since with no problems.
  • A better sense of smell?! Unsure if this is just in my head, but sometimes I feel I can smell things better now. Same with my eye sight.
  • My nails are very strong. Like, they just don't break, ever.
  • Another biggie - I managed to avoid a terrible flu/virus that my partner got really bad for a week (during the last week of the Whole30). We live in a very small apartment so nowhere to hide from contracting bugs lol - he had a sore throat, very chesty cough, sinus blockages and got conjunctivitis. I managed to avoid the conjunctivitis, sore throat and cough altogether and just got a mild cold instead. I'm convinced my Whole30 diet helped starve this off.
  • I'm a good sleeper generally anyway, but now I sort of bounce out of bed in the mornings and feel like I function optimally on 7 to 8 hours sleep.

And some things I became aware of during the program -

  • I felt nauseous if I used too much coconut milk in one day.
  • I have a 'nut dragon' and had to keep that in check. Also it was a lot easier to drop the pounds when I limited nuts.
  • It become very apparent that I craved sugar leading up to my period.
  • I discovered garlic in concentrated doses made me feel REALLY nauseous to the point of nearly throwing up. I have never noticed this before.

I did not 'cheat' intentionally for the entire 30 days, and only feel like I tripped up a few times in the first week or so when I was still learning about ingredients etc - i.e I'm pretty sure I ate some deli ham with added sugar at one point.

I'm so grateful to the program for helping me feel so much more aware of my body and the effects of my food! Thank you Dallas and Melissa and everyone who contributes on this forum!

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Congrats!!!!!! I cannot wait to write my success story! I'm on Day 12...getting there!

I didn't realize sickness could be avoided, but now that I think about it, (I have severe allergies, despite choosing to have pets) I haven't had any of my regular troubles, such as sneezing and being stuffy in my home!

Love this.

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Yes it was pretty amazing how sick he got/how sick I didn't get haha!

I have something to add to my results too which I didn't know about a few days ago - I got test results back from the hospital about a condition I have been trying to overcome for two years (with two operations), and finally I have been given the 'all clear'; everything is normal! I am SO happy! I think my improved diet has a lot to do with it (even if the doctors decline to admit that) and feel like as long as I can keep my diet clean hopefully I can avoid the condition reoccurring :)

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Ah same thing with the smelling!!! What IS that? Maybe our senses aren't bombarded with those "vegas strip" sensory things in ISWF and have started realizing what real things smell like? So strange...

Congrats! Would love to hear how your post-Whole30 is going. Are you doing re-introduction? Continuing while "off-tracking" when something amazing comes up? Planning a second Whole30?

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Hey Msmirnio! Well I went straight from the Whole30 to a I'm just trying to keep things as paleo as possible while I'm away, it is challenging definitely (99.9% of food at airports is grain based I swear) but not impossible with some planning! I've reintroduced some alcohol (one vodka) on day one...celebratory drink with a friend...and didn't notice anything that bad asides from feeling 'tispy' quickly (no drinking in over a month go figure!) and a bit of bloating. I had quite a lot of nuts yesterday due to travelling and my stomach was churning like crazy lol. Asides from that I haven't really reintroduced anything more, although being away from home and not being able to make my own homemade meals has meant I've had to put up with some added sugar and less than great oils...which I think has caused me some bloating for sure.

I think I will do another Whole30 in January in which I will be able to reintroduce things under more control while at home...So I guess for now I'm continuing as much as possible (because I feel so great on the Whole30!) while possibly 'off-roading' if something amazing crops up :)

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Nutshell, it sounds like I'm in the same boat! I'm not doing the "official" ISWF reintroduction of grains, sugar, dairy etc etc... I don't want those in my diet in general, but I don't want to do an endless Whole30. Also - I'm going to do another (way more compliant than this time around) Whole30 in January, too!

Today is Day31 of my first Whole30 and I am pouring a glass of champagne (like your vodka celebration drink) and eating a little decadent-something I'll buy pre-made (<-miss that!) to celebrate tonight. Depressing but this month has been the longest I've gone "dry" in 5+ years so I'm excited to be a lightweight.

Traveling and not being able to depend fully on your own cooking/knowledge of what's in your food is such a pain, but you can at least feel good that you're not opting for a "healthy" whole-wheat bagel, bag of Sunchips or Greek yogurt for all your snacks. Go you!

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Yes I'm actually really looking forward to a second Whole30 in January and being way more compliant next time! I will reintroduce things properly then too.

Congratulations on finishing your Whole30!! I totally agree - I don't really want to introduce grains, sugar or dairy back into my diet either, I've had to put up with some added sugar on vacation - I can't believe how sweet some foods are and how much sugar is added to things that aren't homemade by me lol! I've had a few things with peanuts and seeds in which disappointed me...however I think you're right - at least it's not breads or dairy haha! Go us!

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Congrats on finishing! My day 30 is tomorrow...I have lots of paleo desserts planned for Thanksgiving. I am going to try very hard to stick to Whole30 as much as possible, but other family members will be doing the majority of the cooking, so I realize it may not happen. That's why I chose to make dessert, at least I will be able to indulge a bit without sugar overload. I too have noticed how much more sweet even fruit tastes now. Before whole30 I would have never said that!

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eeeek even going paleo made me realize that i def get the cravings before my period, i have type 1 diabetes and my blood sugars go up alot about 3-4 days before my period arrives (and I have to give alot more insulin) I wonder if this could be a cause of the cravings for sweets?

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