Tons of energy, but still constipated after 30 days

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Hi Everyone,

It has officially been one week since I completed my first Whole 30. I have already been gluten- and dairy-free for six years (I have Celiac Disease and I'm allergic to milk) so it wasn't that huge of an adjustment for me. However, I had been struggling with fatigue and a weak immune system, so I thought I would give Whole30 a shot.

Within a week, I noticed the results I was hoping for: tons more energy, faster recovery from workouts, and just feeling  a lot healthier and stronger. But there was one problem. I was constipated.

Now I want to make one thing very clear: BEFORE the Whole 30, my digestion was amazing. I keep very strict gluten- and dairy-free, so I have had virtually zero stomach issues since I first went gluten-free in 2011. (The only time it acts up is when I accidentally eat gluten, which I definitely haven't done in over a year.)

I expected it to get better as my body adjusted, and it did improve slightly, but even though I've been off the Whole 30 for a week now, my digestion is not nearly as good as it was before.

So in conclusion: the Whole 30 gave me tons of energy, yet it's wrecked my digestive system. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knew why this was happening.

Oh, and before you suggest digestive enzymes or other supplements--I will likely end up going that route, but I thought the point of the program was to get what we need from food, so I find it ironic that I wouldn't need help going to the bathroom before the Whole 30 but do now...



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During Whole30, were you eating plenty of vegetables? Drinking at least 1/2 oz of water per pound of body weight? Before Whole30, what was different -- were you eating non-gluten grains like rice or corn? If you were eating rice or corn or other grains before, and if you weren't making sure you ate lots of vegetables on Whole30, it may just be a difference in how much fiber you're getting. If you drank a lot of non-Whole30 drinks when you weren't on Whole30, and didn't make up that liquid by drinking more water during Whole30, maybe that's affecting things. Really, we can't say for sure without knowing more specifics about what you were eating, these are just guesses.

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